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The first Half Year Outward Bound of New Staff in Yifan Bio Coming to A Successful End

Posted:2016-06-25   Hits:2705  

    In order to help new employees to understand themselves, stimulate personal potential, promote exchanges and cooperation between employees, and enhance the cohesive force of the staff team, Hefei Yifan Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd’s HRMC organized a one-day outward bound for new employees on 24th June.


    At the beginning, all members were divided into six groups, and started to carry out the first link of breaking the ice. Members of each group quickly introduced themselves to each other within the fixed time. In this link, each member should remember names and departments of team members.The training was launched in the form of competition and accumulated points. 

   The training activities in the morning included Name Chains,Volume of Wood,Null Matrix. Through the three activities, group members knew each other, and understood necessity of cooperation and importance of detail handling.  


    The activities in the afternoon mainly focused on training consciousness of communication, coordination, and teamwork.thorough these links, each member can develop the ability to communicate effectively, learn to play the biggest potential in the harmonious working environment, and improve selves through settling problems with innovative thinking.At the end, several employees actively shared their thoughts and experience. And two teams with high integration received gifts from the company.



     Through trainer’s hard explaining and staff’s efforts, the one-day outward bound came to a successful end. It is convinced that each new staff got a lot of experience.  

   This training was full of interest and challenge, promoted communication and exchange among new employees, enhanced the awareness of work and execution among staff’s cooperation and coordination, strengthened team’s cohesive fore, improved sense of belonging of team members, and showed the good spiritual attitude of new staff.