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Yifan Bio Starting the Activity of Talent Team Camp

Posted:2016-05-30   Hits:2636  


On May 28th and 29th, Yifan Bio’s centralized training for talent team, organized by HR management center, was held in beautiful Luan Blue Hill Resort.

On May 28th, all trainees were assembled in corporate parking lot at 7:40 a.m, and took two buses respectively, wading into the destination. 

The internal training was started on 9:30 a.m on the first day. Firstly, Director Yiqun Ye made an inspiring speech from a high level. Everyone's enthusiasm is encouraged by Director Ye, and at the same time, the training course was unveiled. 

  The course at this time is Professional Modeling and Promotion of Professionalism, aiming to promote professional management accomplishment of echelon reserve talents, accelerate the change of management thinking, and master management skills of professional managers. Through lecturer’s vivid description and leaders’ comprehensive comments, the trainees achieved a lot. 

On the second day, all trainees were divided into several groups to carry out outdoor development for team melting. Each group was in actively enthusiastic and clearly defined jobs. The game links arranged was successively to test the division of each team collaboration, communication ability, the rational use of training knowledge, team spirit, and how to mobilize self full enthusiasm. Sand Play at the afternoon was logical, careful, and on a large scale, closed to actual combat, stimulating the actual test of 25 days. Some groups put forward complete plan and strategy, but, some groups was lack of preparations, and failed on the halfway. At the end, each group shared lessons and experience, and summed up their own highlights and deficiencies.  


    Through the training of 2 days, each trainee in this activity enhanced their understanding, grasped the new knowledge, and knew of their own shortcomings. And also, in the future work, we hope that each trainee can use the training knowledge, and mobilize the full enthusiasm, struggling for our Yifan.