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    Yifan regards its employees as the fundamental creators of corporate value and are an important component of the company's core competence. The company regards each employee as a partner, mataining that growth of the employee and of the company are based on each other. The company acts as an eductor, developing employees' skills and professionalism, to ensure all-around development. 

    In addition to establishing, and continuously improving on, staff training and development systems to achieve sustained improvement of capacity and quality of its staff members, the company has also established special talent development plans, including the Eagle Plan, the Swan Plan, and the Garuda Plan.   

    Eagle Plan

    The Eagle Plan focuses on students in their last year of university, recent graduates and those with two or fewer years of professional experience.

    The plan combines feedback and promotion mechanism for rapid career development. Employees in the plan are provided with a mentor and tutor. Through review, assessment and feedback, those in the Egale Plan are promoted quickly. Interships and work study programs afford students a platform for engaging in a real-world context, assist with career development plans and provide an understanding of basic professionalism that prepares them for a career. 

    Swan Plan

    The Swan plan addresses middle managers and key personnel,  and is aimed at cultivating future executives and professional managers within the company.

    Building on existing experience, the Swans Plan simultaneously develops employees and the corporation, helping change roles, adjust mindsets and acquire management skills. Also, the company provides opportunities for personal development, to realize value and to demonstrate ability.

    This plan strengthens skills required for core positions, while allowing for career planning and creating oppportunities for internal transition  to develop employees with well-rounded skill sets.

    Garuda Plan

    The plan addresses officers and members of the leadership team to enhance overall quality of top managers and shape the management team to match the company’s future development strategy.

    Through a series of high-value training and exchange activities like course work at home and abroad and formal classes, the Garuda Plan aims at top managers' understanding of the latest dynamics and economic trends, industry development, strengthing management skills and incorporating the latest information. Guided by corporate strategy, this plan allows the company to make special promotions aligned to unique skill sets of top managers.