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Semen Tingli Hypolipemic Granule

Posted:2016-10-19   Hits:2736  


Approval No. :Z19991084

Functions: The Granule may dredge collaterals and disperse  stagnation , dissolve phlegm and excrete dampness. It may be used to treat vertigo, heaviness of limbs, lack of strength, limb numbness, chest tightness, yellowish greasy coating, or whitish greasy coating caused by phlegmatic hygrosis. Hyperlipoidemia are common seen in clinic.   

Specification: 3g/bag.
Dosage & Administration: Mix in boiled water for oral taking. 2-3g each time. Three times one day. Thirty days is as one course of treatment.

Package: Medical recombinal film bag; 3g×9 bags.