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With the advance of Strategy ofthe 13th Five-Year Plan promoting the construction of Healthy China,  healthy & medical industry is paid intensive attention.

    Actually, on a world scale, healthy & medical industry is developing rapidly. With the booming economy in China, people increasingly attach more attention to health care. Thus, China’s healthy & medical industry begin to enter into high speed development time.

    The large population and increasingly aging phenomenon of the Chinese society provide a great potential market for healthy & medical industry. That the application popularity of new generation IT and internet, and the constantly breakthrough of research in the field of life science and clinical breakthrough not only promotes medical level and health management, supply technical support, but bring new changes for healthy & medical industry , and usher in new development opportunities for industries of medical apparatus and instruments,  pension service, medical e-commerce, and mobile health.         

     As the flourish of ‘Internet +’, medical e-commerce and mobile health  absolutely are typical of the combination between Internet and healthy & medical industry. As the focus of national policy support and the future direction of industry development, ‘Internet +’ has become popular investment spot in currently capital market. The era of ‘Internet +’has come.  At the same time of providing convenient services for the public, medical e-commerce and mobile health also bring new developmental chances for traditional healthy & medical industry. The market outlook is worth being expected.   

    Benefiting from growing consumer demand, medical device industry has gradually become a more independent branch of healthy & medical industry. The potential market is huge. Ma Ruiwen, CCID analyst of research center in consumer goods industry, pointed out that medical apparatus and instruments is an important part of health and medical industry. Chinese market scale of medical apparatus and instruments has more than one hundred billion yuan, becoming vital industry booming Chinese economy.

    Compared with developed countries, medical device industry in China still has a huge room for improvement. In the meanwhile, the industry also faces dilemmas of overcapacity of low-end products and underdevelopment of advanced medical equipment. “Medical device industry in China faces pervasive problems, such as the enterprise size is small, the products is in low to middle-end link of industry, there is a big gap between medical device industry and global leading enterprises, and so on. In the future,  developing high value-added products and promoting localization of advanced medical equipment will be the key in the development of domestic industries.  ” 

    And then to the pension services industry, China has entered into an aging society since 2000. The aging of the population continues to be worse. At the same time, the pension services industry has ushered in new developmental room and investment opportunities.

    But currently, the pension services industry in China still is in preliminary stage, facing a series of problems like inadequate facilities, incomplete service system, inadequacy understanding, and insufficient financing. Therefore, in ‘serial research about health & medical industry’,CCID points out that we should draw lessons from successful mode and experience at home and abroad, accelerate the development of pension services industry, constantly meet the aged’ s  demand for home care service, ensure the well being of the people and improve their lives, promote social harmony, and achieve sustainable and healthy economic development.

    Actually, existing problems also indicate that there is potential for development. In ‘serial research about health & medical industry’,CCID points out that China overall scope of health & medical industry will be more than 8 trillion yuan by 2020.  A survey from PWC shows that expected future global healthcare market size will reach $9 trillion and 560 billion dollars, among which 8 trillion and 100 billion dollars is from government expenditures, and the rest is from healthcare industry and fitness industry.

    “Since 1990s, Chinese biopharmaceutical industry has been keeping rapidly growth at the speed of an average of 15%-30% a year, which is far higher than the global average annual growth rate, indicating that biopharmaceutical industry has enter into development stage of large scale and industrialization. ” Ma Ruiwen says that, “biopharmaceutical industry has been identified as prior strategic emerging industries. Strong support from governments at all levels and active participation of enterprises at home and abroad has also become a powerful grantee for development of the industry. ”