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DL- panthenol

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DL- panthenol

Popular Name:Pro-vitamin B5;DL-pantothenyl alcohol;DL-panthenol

INCI Name:Panthenol

Molecular formula:C9H19NO4

Molecular weight:205.25


Appearance and Character:

DL-Panthenol is a white and hygroscopic powder.It’aracemic mixture of the dextrorotatory and levorotatory isoners of Panthenol,the alcohol analogre of Pantothemoic Acid.It is freely soluble in water,ethanol,methanol and propylene glycol,soluble in chloroforn and in ether;slightly soluble in glycerin,insoluble in vegetable oils,mineral oils and fats.

Property and Specification

Property                                           Specification

Appearance                                       white and hygroscopic powder

Identification                                      normal reaction

Assay                                                 99.0%~102.0%(on dried basis)

Melting Range                                    64.5~68.5

Specific Rotation                               0.05°—+0.05°

Loss on Drying                                  max.0.5%

Residue on Ignition                            max.0.1%

Limit of Aminopropanol                     max.0.1%

Organic Volatile Impurities                 meets UPS requirements


Stability and Storage:

DL-panthenol is stored in coll,dry place. It should be protected from moisture.If DL-panthenol isstorde at under 25 in the tightly sealed,original cotainers,it has a shelflife of 24 months.

Packge: 20kg carton with aluminum laminated polyethylene bag.