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D-Panthenol USP/BP/IP

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D- panthenol
Popular Name:Pro-itamin B5;D-pantothenyl alcohol;D-panthenol;Dexpanthenol
INCI Name:Panthenol
Molecular formula:C9H19NO4
Molecular weight:205.25 
Structral Formula:(结构式) 
Appearance and Character:
Pure D-Panthenol is a colorless,clear,viscous and hygroscopic liquid.It can so lidify on prolonged storage.It is freely soluble in water,ethanol,methanol and propylene glycol,soluble in cholroforn and in ethdr,slightly soluble in glycerin,insoluble in vegetable oils,mineral oils and fats.
Property Specification 
Appearance colorless,clear,viscous liquid
Assay 98.0%~102.0%
Identification normal reaction 
Refractive Index(at 20℃) 1.495~1.502
Specific Rotation +29.0°~+31.5°
Water max.1.0%
Residue on Ignition max.0.1%
Limit of Aminopropanol max.1.0%

Stability and Storage:
D-panthenol is stored to air and light but not heat.If it is stored in the tightly sealed,original cotainers,it has a shelflife of 24 months.In weakly acidic ,aqueous solutions,D-Panthenol is considerably mors stable than the salts of pantothenic acid .It is unstable in strong abids and bases.
Packge:20kg carton(two pails in one carton,10kg pail);200kg drum

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