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Announcement on Yifan Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd changing company name and stock abbreviation

Posted:2016-10-11   Hits:4447  

Yifan Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd s announcement on changing company name and stock abbreviation

The company and its board of directors warrants that the information disclosed contains no false representations, misleading statements, and material omissions, and shall be liable for its authenticity, accuracy, and completeness of contents. 

Important Notes:

1、The company changes its Chinese name to 亿帆医药股份有限公司 and English name to YIFAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.

2、The company changes Chinese stock abbreviation to 亿帆医药 and English stock abbreviation toYIFAN PHARM.

3、The enable date of company name and stock abbreviation is October 11, 2016.

4、The stock code of company is still 002019.

        a.Description of changing company name and industrial & commercial registration

In April 28, 2016, Yifan Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd( the company ) held the 2015 annual general meeting of shareholders and the meeting passed <Motion on amending company name, scope of business, and some provisions of Articles of Association . The Chinese name of company is change from 亿帆鑫富药业股份有限公司 to 亿帆医药股份有限公司, and English name from YIFAN XINFU PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD to YIFAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. The specific contents are detailed in<Announcement on 2015 annual resolution of general meeting of shareholders > disclosed in cninf and Securities Times by company on April 29, 2016. The number of this announcement is 2016-039.

Recently, the company completed the change procedures of industrial and commercial registration, and acquired business license renewed by Industry and Commerce Administration of Zhejiang Province.

b.The reason of changing company name and stock abbreviation

       After the completion of material assets reorganization of company in 2014, the company established strategic planning of mid-long term development. In the planning, taking professional, specialized and therapeutic product pipeline as orientation, the company has been dedicating to innovation, transformation and upgrading, and launches development in key areas such as macromolecular biological drugs, high-end drugs, and traditional Chinese drugs. Now, the company is the first company in China owning a number of macromolecular biological drugs which has entered into clinical II and III, dozens of high-end drugs under research( among of which 10 has entered into clinical stage or declaration and production stage), and more than 300 drug approval number (among of which Chinese and western medicine with exclusive features more than 30). In the meanwhile, the company applies for more than 100 international and domestic drug related patents, and more than 90 have been authorized. Today, the company has developed into innovative company with pharmaceutical R & D and production integrated R&D, production, and marketing. In order to better reflect development planning of corporate core industry, the company decides to change corporate name and stock abbreviation.  

c.Other matters

With the application by company and approval of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Chinese stock abbreviation of company is change from 亿帆鑫富 to 亿帆医药, and English stock abbreviation from YIFAN XINFU to YIFAN PHARM. The stock code of company is still 002019.


Board of Directors

October 11, 2016