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Outward Bound Training of 2 days for promoting Staff Development

Posted:2016-09-23   Hits:2994  

For cultivating team spirit , enhance cohesive unity, and inspire work passion, Yifan Xinfu’s all staff of Chongqing subsidiaries launched a outward development training of 2 days in September.

This training includes games of Trust Fall, Broken Bridge in the Air, Blind Square, Cross Fire, Gone In 60 Seconds, Dynamic Digging, Sea Dragon, Military Training, etc. During the training, each participant is full of enthusiasm and sense of collective honor, trusting and cooperating with each other. At the end of training, every member all reaped the benefits.

In the game link of Gone In 60 Seconds, every group member gave full play to their intelligence, and quickly complete the task.

Sea Dragon tests the sense of understanding among the players. Only with one heart can the players keep same pace.

Broken Bridge in the Air is an altitude training beyond self. Participants need complete the altitude game lonely. Thus team  encouragement is very important. It  could give bravery and confidence to each participant.

Fight for team! Fight for trust! Teammates on the ground use their bodies to support up all the weight of other teammates.

Through this training, friendships among all staff is enhanced.besides , the training promotes enterprise to create a better cultural atmosphere, and it enhanced abilities of teamwork and communication.

Participants says, they will use experience and knowledge learned from this training, try their best to perfect own work, and at the same time, strengthen coordination and cooperation among each division and staff. Only with one heart can we achieve the grand target of Yifan Xinfu’s better future.