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Celebrate G20: company provide a pleasant journey for staff members

Posted:2016-09-14   Hits:2976  

During the holding of G20,  company arranged staff to participate therapeutic recreation activity by stages and groups. Nearly 600 employees entered for the activity, among them front line staff accounting for 90%. There are 2 places for staff to choose with one is Xiangshan and another Suzhou. Therapeutic recreation activity continued for 2 days.

Through the recreation activity, company employees not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery , relax the body and mind , but also enhanced communication among staff, and at the same time, felt care and warmth from company. Each staff said that, it is the first time for them to participate such activity since joining the company. The activity is a pleasant journey for both physical and mental relaxation. We expect more such activities.

The successfully holding of this therapeutic recreation activity can not do without the strong support of the leadership of the company, fully showing the spirit of human-orientedand care for employees. Such spirit will inspire company employees devote themselves to work with strong passion.