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Experience Exchanging Meeting for Market Development of Aoyiming

Posted:2016-11-16   Hits:3313  

      In November 8, 2016, experience exchanging meeting for market development of Aoyiming® (Esomeprazole Sodium for Injection)  is successfully held.  



        This meeting is assembly organized by business division of product planning,  market department, sales division of general hospital. Chenhe, who is vice president of Hefei Yifan Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Tangfeng, who is director of market management center, and Wenzhong Ding, who is MD of Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ,  as well as Yaojian, who is manager in Anhui market of Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd , are specially invited to analyses and summary market exploitation, and share experience. This meeting clarifies the future direction for Aoyiming, and also give enough confidence to sales team.    


     At the beginning, Guogan Li, who is director of Aoyiming group, analyses, summaries and reviews early market development of Aoyming.


      Secondly, award and cite sales elite who successfully develop the hospital market, and learn their experience.


        Sensen Zhou, investment manager of business division of product planning, says that, “As a product with prominent characteristic, selecting suitable agencies is important for Aoyiming product. Right agency is the first step to success. ” Sensen Zhou divides customers into distribution customers, operation customer of proton pump inhibitor, academic customer. Xiaojie Pan, who is investment manager of business division of product planning, says that, “ The development of new product is full of setbacks. But, as a salesman,  we should advance bravely despite hardships. ” 


      Thirdly, Wenzhong Ding share product knowledge: Director Ding make an analysis to current market in Anhui province and market of Aoyiming’s competitors. Then, Director Ding deeply share and discuss advantages of Aoyiming and clinical drug experience. 


At the end of meeting, vice-president Chenhe make a summary for the meeting that, “success = passion + knowledge. We should use our knowledge and passion to convince our customers. Today’s training by Director Ding provides more knowledge and confidence to us. We believe that in the future, hospitals which could be developed will be up from 24 to 100, and even more.“