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Please read this article carefully and agree to the statement before receiving services from this website. Visitors’ any behaviors associated with the site will be be deemed to fully agree with the statement with no objection. If there is any question, please immediately contact to the website, and obtain the written consent of the website.

1.  Visitors shall carefully and kindly conduct behaviors(including, but not limited to,browse, use,transportation, advertisement).Visitors shall not deliberately or mistakenly damage or weaken the site’s all kinds of legal rights and interests, shall not directly or indirectly use the site engaging in things that violate Chinese law, international conventions and social morality. As such, visitors shall agree as follows:

a. Transfer and use information in accordance with Chinese law, the provisions of the international convention, public order and good customs;

b. Shall not use the site and its services for illegal and improper purposes;

c. Do not interfere and disrupt the site and relevant network services;

d. Abide by the agreement, rules, procedures and practices relating to this site and the relevant network services.

        2. Solemnly reminding visitors: please respect the copyright of relevant works when you reprint, upload or download them; if you find you are not signed in your own works, please contact us immediately, we will be a the first time adding your signature or taking corresponding measures.

        3.Except as set forth below or except as otherwise specifically certified in Chinese law,  the website and the author enjoy copyright together for original works of users in this website.Without the written authorization by the website,other websites and traditional media shall be strictly prohibited reproducing or using for other commercial purposes.

        4. Part of the contents in this website only represent the author's own point of view, does not represent the views of the site, and this site has nothing to do with the contents. The author bear all the responsibilities for them.

        5. This website has the rights to use the works in this website other than those attached copyright statement for other purposes, including websites, electronic magazines, etc. 

        6.Without the mutual consent by author and the website, any other institutions shall not violate the copyright of works in any form, including, but not limited to, unauthorized copy, link, illegal use or transfer, or mirror works established in any form.

       7. The various forms of works (including, but not limited to,text, pictures, and graphics)published in this website are provided for reference only, which does not represent that the website agrees with the statement or description. The website only use them  for providing more information,not constituting any investment advice. This site does not assume any responsibility for any kind of behavior that the visitor take according to the website informationunless otherwise expressly stated in written commitment document.

       8. When the site recommends other websites in the form of links, the website is not responsible for the availability of these sites or their resources, and does not guarantee authenticity and legitimacy of any content, products, services or other materials from these websites.The website shall not bear any responsibilities for any direct or indirect loss caused by use or reliance on contents, products, services, or other materials from such websites or their resources.

 9. For some personal information provided during the registration in this website, the website will not disclose any information to any party in any way, except with your own consent or the rules of article.

       10.Personal information disclosed pursuant to a valid order of governmental bodies or judicial authority, provided, the website will provide personal information in compliance with the requirements of law enforcement units or for the purpose of public security. The website is exempt from liabilities for any disclosure in this case.

       11.The website is not responsible for leakage of personal information caused by the users sharing a registered account with others. 

       12. Part of the contents in the website is from the Internet, if inadvertently violated intellectual property of any media, companies, enterprises or individuals, please contact us, and the website will delete the relevant contents or take other measures within the specified time. If referring to the problem of copyright fees, please provide the relevant proof materials and contact us, and we will handle the disputes according to the principle of fair and friendly negotiations.

       13.Yifan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd reserves all the rights for final explanation of the above statement.