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Pediatric Fever and Cough-Relieving Oral Liquid

Posted:2016-10-18   Hits:1816  


Approval No. :Z20043401

Functions: It has effects of clearing away heat, opening the inhibited lung-energy, relieving asthma, relieving sore throat. It may be used for symptoms of aversion to cold, cough, yellowish phlegm, shortness of breath, dry voice, swelling and pain in throat,etc, caused by  wind-heat in children.

Specification: 10ml/piece.
Dosage & Administration:Oral medicine. 3-5 ml each time for children aged 1-2; 5-10ml each time for 3-5 years children, 10-15ml one time for children aged 6-10. 3 times one day. Shake well before using.
Package: Glass tube. 10ml/piece, and 10 pieces/box.