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Yifan Pharmaceutical

is an innovative R&D and manufacturing company focusing on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Yifan is committed to advancing the scientific validation of possible solutions with equal emphasis on classical findings and time-proven innovations, and emerging as a new contributor of expertise in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

With the 5 research centers located in San Francisco, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Hefei, Yifan is focusing on four business sectors, biologic products, small molecules, synthetic biologics and characteristic TCMs. By fully integrating high-quality innovation resources both at home and abroad, and making continuous efforts in innovation and R&D, the company has initially built a differentiated, diversified and competitive product R&D pipeline that not only meets clinical needs but also has commercial values, covering nearly 50 products under research, such as new drugs, biosimilars, generic drugs, TCMs, and synthetic biological products.

Focusing on hematologic maliganancies, inflammatory, endocrinology/metabolic, dermatological, gynecologic and pediatric diseases, etc., we have built an innovative drug development platform based on both eukaryotic expression and prokaryotic expression systems, and preparation technology platforms integrating R&D and production of oral slow controlled release preparations, micron suspension, micelles for injection, high-end complex liquid preparations, etc. Centering on the fields of special raw materials and excipients for medical use in such categories as vitamins, antivirals, cytotoxics and contrast agents, we have built R&D technology platforms for raw materials and excipients for medical use, such as continuous flow reaction, solid phase peptide synthesis, and highly active cytotoxicity, and have put forth efforts to build an innovative R&D system for the whole industrial chain ranging from raw materials and excipients for medical use, special intermediates to pharmaceutical preparations. In addition, we have actively carried out project cooperation with top synthetic biologics companies both at home and abroad, possessed a complete and efficient industrial scale-up technology system of synthetic biologics, and gained cost and scale advantages with disruptive technologies in a sustainable manner.

With forward-looking strategic planning and excellent resource integration capability, we have built more than ten manufacturing bases of drup products both at home and abroad that meet the requirements of cGMP specifications such as NMPA, FDA and EMA, and have built more than 100 production lines for various dosage forms, which are equipped with sophisticated pharmaceutical production facilities and quality and laboratory management systems. Keeping abreast of the highest standard in the industry and international standards, an industrial supply chain system synchronizing internal supply with external CMO has taken shape to support large-scale commercial production of our products on sale and under development.

To improve the accessibility of valuable drugs to global patients, and for patients in every corner of the world to obtain reliable and affordable therapeutic drugs and regain health, we actively promote the construction of a sound and extensive global network for commercialization, so that domestic high-quality drugs can be exported and overseas high-quality drugs can be introduced to China. At present, we have provided business services in more than 40 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, including Singapore, South Korea, Italy, China, Germany, and the United States.

Looking forward, Yifan people will maintain a calm state of mind, stick to critical thinking and enterprising spirits, and hold on to our original aspirations, so as to pursue steady growth and make further contributions to the elimination of human diseases.
  • 40+

    Countries and regions covered

  • 5

    Number of R&D centers

  • 60+

    Size of our subsidiaries

  • 5000+

    Employees worldwide

* Data updated on December 31, 2021

Our Achievements

  • 01

    One of a few Chinese companies to file Biologics License Application (BLA) for a same product to the U.S., EU and China relying on their own international R&D capabilities.

  • 02

    One of a few Chinese pharmaceutical companies that own drug manufacturing bases, drug marketing networks and marketing capabilities in China, Europe and Asia Pacific.

  • 03

    One of the Chinese pharmaceutical companies having a large number of exclusive products, especially those on the National Medical Insurance Reimbursement List or those on the National Essential Drugs List.

  • 04

    One of a few domestic companies having self-owned macromolecules, small molecules and TCM products on the overseas market, among which the synthetic biologics vitamin B5 and Provitamin B5 are sold to many countries and regions such as Europe and the U.S. and take up a leading market share in the world.