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Hefei Yifan Biopharmaceutical

The manufacture scope of Hefei Yifan Biopharmaceutical covers: disinfectant products, sterile small volume injections (including anti-tumor products), sub-packaging of imported products (biologics for treatment), intraocular injection solutions, and oral solid preparations. The company has established a quality management system that meets the requirements of cGMP specifications such as NMPA, FDA and EMA, to ensure that the drugs it produces meet their intended purposes of use, and standards for marketing approval and clinical use. The company has world-class production equipment and sophisticated injection (including cytotoxic and highly active chemicals) production lines. Its laboratory management system complies with CNAS requirements, and its safety, environmental protection and occupational health management system complies with international ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000 requirements. The company has established a modern intelligent monitoring system, such as BMS (Building Management System) and EMS (Online Environmental Monitoring System), so as to ensure that the online environmental monitoring of the production plant is effectively controlled, and the drug production is safe and sound.

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