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Liaoning Yifan Pharmaceutical

Large volume injections manufacturing base

Liaoning Yifan Pharmaceutical is the manufacturing base of Yifan Pharmaceutical Group for chemical drugs and large volume injections. Its Solid Preparation Workshop has more than 50 manufacture approvals for solid preparations, including Amlodipine Besylate Tablets (consistency evaluation passed), Roxithromycin Tablets, Roxithromycin Capsules, and Ibuprofen for Suspension, with an annual output of 1 billion tablets, 300 million capsules, and 5 million bottles of suspensions. The Large Volume Injection Workshop of Liaoning Yifan has a glass bottle production line and a non-PVC soft bag production line, and its products include 100ml glass bottle Vinpocetine Sodium Chloride Injection, which is the only one in China, and 100ml glass bottle Ligustrazine Phosphate and Sodium Chloride Injection and 100ml glass bottle Gentamycin Sulfate and Sodium Chloride Injection, both of which are exclusive products in China, and have sold well domestically for years.
At present, the company has a sound quality management system and a mature pharmaceutical management team. The company adheres to its original aspiration of providing "safe and reliable drugs" for the public, keeps innovating and follows the trend of industry development. With the strong support of the parent company, the company has carried out R&D and project transfer of many new products, such as Nimodipine Injection, Tirofiban Injection, and Mecobalamin Tablets. Among them, the consistency evaluation research project of Amlodipine Besylate Tablets and the digital transformation project of the Large Volume Injection Workshop were approved as "Liaoning Innovation Achievement Transformation Project in 2021" and "Liaoning Intelligent Manufacturing Project", and were supported by government funds. In 2021, Liaoning Yifan was rated as "Young Eagle Enterprise" in Liaoning Province.

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