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Suzhou Yifan Pharmaceutical

Suzhou Yifan Pharmaceutical is located in the north of Jinjiang Road, Suzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province. The company has 12 API production lines and 10 API refining-drying-packing lines (final process of API manufacture), and can develop and produce polypeptides, anti-tumor drugs, hormones, contrast agents and other special APIs. The company has production lines for 17 dosage forms such as tablets, granules and capsules, and 21 preparations. It has 109 preparation approval numbers and 4 API varieties. The company now has five GMP certificates - production lines of tablets, hard capsules, powders, granules, mixtures (oral liquid), syrups, tinctures, pastes (including hormones) (including pre-treatment and extraction of TCMs); API urea production line; lotion production line; and API Ftibamzone production line.
The company has established a sound production quality management system, and has successively won the honorary titles of "City-level Leading Enterprise", "Honest Unit", "Pioneer in Scientific and Technological Innovation", etc. The company’s TCM extraction and multi-function micromolecular API (polypeptides, alkaloids, first-line anti-tumor drugs, etc.) synthesis project has been rated as a major emerging industry project in Anhui Province.

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