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Hangzhou Xinfu Science &Technology Co., Ltd.

We, Hangzhou Xinfu Science &Technology Co.,Ltd., are the principle part of API business division 100% belong to our headquarter, Yifan Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. which is a public limited group company (listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 002019).
Our production center, with the certificates of ISO9001/14001/22000/45001, Kosher, Halal, BRC, CEP, Fami-Qs, etc. started the R&D, production, global sales and service on the business of D-Calcium Pantothenate and Panthenol series products in Lin’an Distr., Hangzhou, China, since 1995. After more than 27 years of stable development, we have been the global-leading brand name, the most reliable producer and supplier with our regular business partners in worldwide market on the basis of our remarkable advantages, such as, global-leading production technology, own know-how and patents, professional terms on R&D/production/QC/Sales & service, experienced management teams, strong capability of financial operating system under the background of public limited corporation system.
Since 2018, we have started a lots R&D projects co-operation with Amyris, which is listed on NASDAQ, one of the top leading R&D technical companies on Synthetic Biology. Several of these projects has achieved an outstanding progress, and been ready for commercial process. We also has set up deep, extensive, and fruitful co-operation relationship with Bota Bio, Cataya Bio, etc. high-tech Synthetic Biology companies in China. We have set up and been operating series high-tech R&D platforms, such as Academician Workstation, National post-doctoral research station, Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute, etc. We also set up industry-university- research cooperation with Lanzhou University, Jiangnan University, Zhejiang University of Technology, etc. In conclusion, to meet the future, we have been concentrating on more valued new projects of technical preparation and strategic layout on in order to match the market demanding and challenging.
We confidently hope to develop new co-operation relationship and to win together with more reliable new business partners on the basis of mutual trust and sustainable benefits!

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