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The Pre-Launch Consultation Meeting on F-627 organized by Evive's Partner Chia Tai Tianqing


     On November 20, 2022, “The Pre-Launch Consultation Meeting on Efbemalenograstim alfa Injection (F-627)”, organized by Evive’s partner Chia Tai Tianqing was successfully in Hangzhou in a hybrid mode.

It happened to be a good day to kick off the Hangzhou Marathon, and it was also the day when the World Cup in Qatar was trumpeted. A new and upgraded anti-CIN drug recognized by experts, which has the potential to become a "long-distance runner" and benefit more patients.

The conference was hosted by Chia Tai Tianqing. 25 medical experts of breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and blood cancer had in-depth discussions on the product positioning, product differentiation, compliance, after-launch clinical research and future exploration of F-627, to share thoughts and comments for the upcoming market launch of F-627.

The meeting was moderated by Professor Jun Ma from Harbin Blood Institute. Dr. Simon Li, CEO of Evive Biotech and Dr. Yihua Ma of Chia Tai Tianqing Central Medical Research Institute respectively gave a brief introduction on the R&D process and product features of F-627. Experts affirmed the breakthroughs and achievements of F-627 in structural innovation, efficacy, safety, and compliance.

With the current study, F-627 is a recombinant fusion protein homodimer containing G-CSF and expressed in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells. The experts affirmed that F-627 has long-acting and potent biological characteristics and reduces the risk of allergic reactions in reducing clinical efficacy such as febrile neutropenia, relatively low incidence of adverse reactions, improving patients' medication compliance, and replacing Polysorbate 80 with Polysorbate 20. It is recommended that F-627 conduct real-world research in a timely manner after marketing to provide more evidence-based medical evidence to support the differentiation and efficacy of the product.

Experts shared thoughts and comments to F-627 at the meeting " We wish the runners of the Hangzhou Marathon a good run, tonight's World Cup with exquisite goals, more good luck in the world, and more patients to embrace hope," concluded by Professor Jun Zhu, Beijing Cancer Hospital.

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