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Chemical synthesis platform

Focusing on the treatment of blood tumor, first aid, children and rare diseases, the chemical synthesis platform has built raw material technology platforms such as innovative drugs and intermediates, nucleoside drug synthesis, solid phase peptide synthesis, and special excipients, as well as preparation technology platforms integrating R&D and production, such as oral slow controlled release preparations, micron suspension, micelles for injection, solubilization of insoluble drug, children's appropriate preparations, and high-end complex liquid preparations.
The platform has world-class process equipment and testing equipment, such as microchannel reactor, preparative chromatography, multifunctional fluidized bed, dry granulator, airflow grinder, flow-through-cell dissolution tester, temperature-controlled low-viscosity viscometer, micrometer and nanometer laser particle sizer, vacuum attenuation tester, LC-MS analyzer and thermal analyzer, which meet the research needs of innovative and generic raw materials and preparations. In addition, the platform has established close cooperation with scientific research institutes such as the University of Science and Technology of China, the China Pharmaceutical University, and East China University of Science and Technology. The platform is committed to carrying out innovation, improvement, generic drug R&D and technology industrialization for domestic and international markets.
Ten new products of the platform have been approved, more than 100 projects are under research, and 10~20 new drugs are developed and marketed each year.