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Synthetic biologics platform

The platform has focused on the field of biological fermentation and enzyme catalysis for more than 20 years, and has laid a solid foundation for the enzymatic-chemical combination process and industrial scale-up technology. To efficiently promote the projects under research, the platform has made full use of the scientific research advantages of other scientific research institutions, and has been in partnership with Jiangnan University and Zhejiang University of Technology for many years. In addition, the platform has maintained long-term close cooperation with Amryis, Boto Bio and other top synthetic biologics companies both at home and abroad.
The platform takes yeast, Escherichia Coli, etc. as chassis microorganisms, and sugar as the main raw material to synthesize various vitamins, intermediates and pharmaceutical and nutritional products. The whole process integrates construction of genetic engineering bacteria, large-scale high-density fermentation, metabolic regulation, directed evolution of enzymes, construction and enhancement of high substrate concentration catalytic system, separation and refinement of products. The platform has possessed a complete and efficient industrial scale-up technology system of synthetic biologics.